Target mail – pay per conversion



Target mail – pay per conversion, where our founder and CEO reminds us to get in shoes of client and suggest him the best digital platform for brand growth. It is strenuous to achieve great things in a short time where we need a mystical quality of knowing something no one else does. In digital marketing shell, it’s easy as well as interesting to use many new tools and approaches popping up all time.

“The beginning is always the hardest. Life rewards those who work hard at it.”

About 3 years ago that is in 2015 target mail officially entered into the industry of digital marketing. Target Mail is an IIT Bombay Alumni start-up working on pan India with 200 clients on board. Our effort in upcoming 5 years is to rule the digital world. We are working towards an increase in customers reach. We at Target Mail perform the functions of a full-service digital agency that delivers across the value-chain, from launching a brand via the digital platform to building a brand which indirectly generates business leads for it.

We are a digital media agency that helps brands connect, collaborate and co-operate to create an impact on targeted customers. For us being digital is not just a touch point in the brand’s journey, it is an integral component in its growth. To understand and define user experiences we work upon building unique methodologies personalized to the brand. This helps the user to achieve the brand’s goals and creates a valuable digital journey. We work on creating and executing Social Media campaigns based on a deep-rooted & systematic study of people’s behavior and culture which ensure high conversion rates and reach. To achieve this we use digital, social, search and mobile platforms. Including social media marketing, we also do AI based email and SMS Marketing where we not only focus on sending emails like other digital marketing companies but also analyze the customer’s behavior as well as time pattern, to target specific customers at the specific time as result increment in open and click rate.

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